Professional Stained Glass Specialist in Fort Wayne, Indiana

The Great Panes Glass Co. creates beautiful handcrafted stained glass pieces for your home, business or as a gift. To learn more about what pieces you can order, visit our services page now.
We offer all the supplies needed for the stained glass artist; including books, patterns, bevels, soldering irons, solder, grinders, saws, lamp molds, mosaic supplies, all types and sizes of lead and zinc, as well as a complete line of fusing glass and supplies. To get the supplies you need, stop in today and bring your creations to life.
Let us bring your ideas to life. With access to glasses found all over the world, our expert can create the most intricate designs.
View our portfolio now to view the past works we have completed and explore the diversity of our work.
Stained glass window - Great Panes Glass Co. in Fort Wayne, Indiana

About Us

Preserve, restore, and create beautiful custom stained glass pieces with Great Panes Glass Co. Based out of Fort Wayne, Indiana, owner Judi Wire spent two decades perfecting her craft before purchasing the store in 1991. Dedicated to the customer experience, Judi makes sure each client gets the best hands-on experience. Letting you be involved with the process starting with the design to picking out glass and installation.